To donate online by credit card: go to the ‘My donate’ site for Hospice Africa UK. It has no annual charge and the only deductions are for card fees and bank transfers, which are usually less than 20 pence per donation. and in the message say the donation is for Tiyanjane Clinic or Umodzi Palliative Care.

To donate money to the work of Tiyanjane Clinic or Umodzi Palliative Care from the UK: write a Sterling cheque payable to ‘Hospice Africa’, write a cover letter to say that the money is for TIYANJANE CLINIC or UMODZI PALLIATIVE CARE send cheque and cover letter to :

Professor Ken Holden
Honorary Treasurer, Hospice Africa
67 Menlove Avenue
Liverpool L18 2EH

(for UK taxpayers, gift aid can be claimed on your donation if you provide the necessary Gift Aid declaration. This is simply “I am a UK tax payer and I would like this donation (and any future donations) to Hospice Africa to be under the Gift Aid scheme” together with your full name and your UK address.) For Malawian residents, you can donate towards Palliative Care Support through the following account details:Bank: National Bank of Malawi, Account Number: 413957,Account Name PCST, Chichiri Service Center.