Open Times: 8am and 04:30pm
Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre

Teaching sick children: Wezzie Hara is a professional teacher employed in pediatric department to help the sick children meet their educational needs during their admission period.

Each morning the kids are mobilized from different wards to a class which is in the pediatric orthopedic ward. Those who are not able to walk, she finds special time to go round to each one of them and give them some work to do. It is good to have school facilities in the hospitals to help the sick children continuously learn because they miss a lot from school when they are admitted in the hospital. This as well helps to relieve them of their pain as they get distracted from thinking of their illness. They write assignments, drawing and coloring. Those who stay long in the hospital, benefit a lot from this service and some may learn to write their names for the first time while in the ward. This is a very helpful service in the hospital facility; it helps to see children developing academically despite being sick in the hospital. It feels good to see sick children smiling again.

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