Play therapy in paediatric ward

When you come to Queen Elizabeth central hospital paediatric ward and fail to visit the play room, then you have missed of the best places that children love to be. It is under the Moyo building next to medical bay. This place was designed to help children play when admitted to QECH. The playroom is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed warmly by dolls piping through the window and friendly benches will make you sit comfortably. The play leaders lead in morning prayers every day before going into daily activities. Children are involved in different plays that make them forget their illnesses and pains. I tell you can hardly notice who the patient and who the guardian is in the room because we play together. All children are advised to play freely and love one another. Indoor games like Rudo, draft, cards, snakes and ladders, bingo, takes place in the room. All these helps the children to be happy. Testing

Play does not interfere with ward rounds that are done by medical doctors and when it’s time for them to eat, they are always allowed to do that freely. Throughout their play time, we share with them the word of God and remind them that God loves them. Through play, we manage to:
1.Establish friendships.
2.Relieve their pain.
3.Remove their stress.
4.Identify their needs and refer them to various experts.
5.Have fun.
6.Reveal some secrets in them.
7.Help them take their medicine with no fight.
8.Change their mindset that the hospital is the bad place full of bitter drug and injections.

Our desire is to see this playroom continue its services as long as QECH exist. There is need for more dolls, stationery and other things that can help children play.